Friday, November 14, 2008

Please Buy My House!!!

This is for some who have expressed an interest in seeing what our finished bedrooms look like
after new carpet and a new paint job....well, here you go. Not really exciting. But if you all new what they looked like before you would be really excited. Unfortunately, I have no before pictures. But, if you would like to see the house we are on, and our MLS# is 112661.
P.S. If you know anyone looking for a house in Dubuque, Iowa, send them our way ;)

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Generations Gathered

Again, going through pictures and finding things that I just can't leave out. This summer my aunt Karen had her 7th child, a little girl named Kylie. My grandmother came in from Salt Lake to help her out, and we were all able to gather together at my parents house. The first picture is of Karen's family. Her husband John, and all of her kids(good looking, aren't they!) Brandon, Justin(holding Kylie), Jonathen, Jared, Brittany, and Jeremey. They are a great family, and they all love their new little sister. The second is my Grandmother with all the grandchildren, and great grand children present. It was a great visit, and we had a whole lot of fun.
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Lydie's Adventure

Just going through my pictures, and I realised I forgot something pretty significant that happened over the summer. One Saturday evening Maddy and Lydie were arguing over the same toy...Well Maddy ended up on top of Lydie, and Lydie's arm was beneath her in a funny angle. Lydie complained loudly about her arm, and wouldn't use it, and cried whenever I touched it. This would lead some to call the help nurse, which I did, and then head to the emergency room, which I did.
Lydia was then touched, proded, and x-rayed. She wasn't a very happy person. Then 2 hours after we got there, they put her in a plaster cast "just in case" because they couldn't see any actual fractures, but the radiologist wasn't there that evening. He would give us a call the next day after veiwing her x-rays.
After all that fuss it ended up being nothing...that is right nothing. But I had to get a picture of Lydie and her plaster cast. It was about 3lbs and it was very cute watching her try to move around with it. Pictured with her is the tiger they gave her for being such a good girl at the hospital.
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Halloween that Almost Wasn't

Well, I am almost caught up. Halloween was only 11 days ago, so I think I am doing great!
Most of you know that we are currently trying to get our house sold. During the week before Halloween we were feverishly trying to get things painted and repaired so we could go on the market that following week. We were able to meet our deadline, but Halloween this year was almost an after thought. We never got pumpkins, and never got around to decorating the house. I felt a whole lot of mom guilt over this. However, the kids still had fun and Halloween night was a success!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Shed Aquarium

We decided to visit Chicago, as we will be moving out of the area soon. We tried to take advantage of
the free days that Chicago Muesums sometimes offer. I remember them being every Monday or Tuesday, but now they are scattered and grouped together we ended up being able to only visit the Aquarium which was O.K. We decided to add on some of the extras and got to see the shark tank, and an interactive movie that was 4-D....if you don't know what that means I will explain:
When the whales on screen spray water, you get sprayed in real life..bubbles on screen, bubbles are blown around the theater; weird eel on screen, things under you chair rub against your leg; pokey things on screen, and a little pokey ouchy thing pokes out of your chair back..oh, and you get to wear special glasses. It was fun, but we enjoyed the special tanks better. All in all it was a fun trip. We stayed at a hotel the night before, so it wasn't crazy driving in that morning...although Chicago traffic downtown is still nasty at 10 am. The kids had a blast looking in all the tanks, and looking at all the "Nemo" fish.

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Our Apple Orchard Excursion to Gays Mills, WI

This was our farewell tour of the Gays Mills, WI Apple Orchards. We went with good friends of ours, the Wood family, who incidentally just moved away as well. We had a lot of fun eating yummy apple stuff, and good 'ol Wisconsin beef sticks! We all played very hard, and were extremely tired on the way home. But it was so worth it!
P.S. If you live anywhere in the midwest you MUST visit this area in Wisconsin. It is to beautiful to miss!

Maddy's 4th Birthday